Towing 24 hrs

Spadina Auto provides round the clock towing and roadside assistance services.

General Repair

Tire sales – tire repair & balancing, Brakes, Mufflers & exhaust work, Shocks & suspension, Battery, Starters, Alternators, Radiators, Gas Tanks

Full Service

Oil change & oil filter, Tune-ups, Fuel injection, Coolant flush & refill, Fan Belts, Engine Timing Belt, Water Pumps, Front end & steering work, C.V. boots & driv shafts, Fuel Pumps

Drive Clean Test

The Drive Clean test determines if your vehicle meets Ontario emissions standards. Generally, you need to get the test every 2 years, once your vehicle is 7 years old.


Every month

  • All tire pressure, all lights & signals should be inspected and adjusted every month.
  • All fluid levels should be inspected and topped up every month. Engine oil and filter should be changed every 4,000km – 6,000km
  • Automatic transmission oil and transmission filters (if equipped) should be change every 40,000km – 60,000km

Every 6-8 months

  • Belts, hoses, wiper blades should be inspected every 6-8 months (adjustment or replacement if necessary).
  • Brakes & related components should be inspected every 6-8 months (adjustment or replacement if necessary).
  • Steering, suspension and related front end components, should be inspected every 6-8 months (adjustment or replacement if necessary).

Every year

  • Engine collant strength should be inspect every year (flush & refill if necessary).
  • Battery strength should be inspected every year (replacement if necessary).
  • Tire should be inspected, rotated & balanced every year (replacement if necessary & do not forget to check the condition of spare tire).
  • Tune-ups (major or minor) should be done every year.
  • Engine timing belt (if equipped) should be change every 1,000,000 km.


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